Worship Ministries

Worship is our personal and corporate response to God, in spirit and in truth, for Who He is and what He has done. It is expressed by what we say, sing and the way we live. Our Worship Ministry includes singing and playing of instruments, and is accomplished through corporate worship, choirs, solos and ensembles, praise teams, orchestras through the combined ministries of sound and lighting and video.

The vision for the worship ministries of Northside Baptist church is to be intentional in leading our church in authentic passionate worship each week.

We desire that members will use and develop their talents to glorify God. We desire that as talents and gifts are developed, more opportunities are also created.   Our vision is that the message that our music and songs communicate be of utmost importance. Whether our music is loud or soft, fast or slow, new or old, with a full band / orchestra or without, matters little in comparison to the message of the song. It is important to us that the songs accurately reflect the Scriptures.  Worship is a high calling on the life of all believers.  Worship is all about and all for God. As we worship, God has promised His presence.