Historical Account

1954 – 2012

In the summer of 1954 burdened to establish an independent Baptist congregation in this community, Rev. Fred Groom held a series of tent services at the corner of Denton Drive and West Alan Street in Carrollton, Texas. From those simple beginnings, Bro. Groom assembled a small group of believers in September of that same year to organize the Northside Baptist Church out of the Central Baptist Church in Garland, Texas (now the New Heights Baptist Church). The prayerful and financial support of the World Baptist Fellowship also undergirded this blessed Body as God paved the way to institute a Beacon for Christ in the City of Carrollton. Fifteen organizing members began holding regular church services in the rented facilities of the Carrollton Community Hall which has since been replaced by the Gravley Building in Old Downtown Carrollton.
With God’s favor upon them, in October of 1956, the Whitlock Family donated a piece of land on the corner of Denton Drive and Whitlock Lane – the very property where the Northside Baptist Church stands today. This small Body of Christ worked together in one accord to build and complete a newly constructed church building; and in the early 60’s, a building expansion which included classrooms, nursery facilities and a Pastor’s Study. Acreage was also purchased during that same time frame providing the church with a total of 2.3 acres in property.
From a group of 15 charter members, the congregation continued to grow and again, additional space was needed. Construction began on a new sanctuary, nursery and office as well as improvements to the original building; and dedication services were held on June 6, 1966. Northside Baptist Church had become a landmark for Christ in the City of Carrollton. This facility has serviced the church until now; and was most recently renovated to house our new Hispanic Ministry led by Ministry Pastor Carlos Meneses.
The helm of leadership was passed on to Rev. Bill Buckingham in the late 60’s; and the church flourished in membership. God’s blessings continued to be upon Northside Baptist Church when the opportunity to purchase an additional 3.22 acres of adjacent property was made available. The church lent support to purchase this property; and it served to supplement what now makes up the entire campus of the Northside Baptist Church in Carrollton, Texas. Due to right-of-way dedications and improvements to the land, the church now exists on a little less than five acres of attractive and easily accessible property in the North Dallas corridor.
Northside Baptist Church has not been without spiritual attacks. In the late 70’s and 80’s, this Body of Believers experienced significant casualties in our spiritual warfare and membership declined to approximately 30 members who cried out to God for His merciful hand to be upon them again. God turned what man meant for evil to good when a spirit of new beginnings emerged. With a renewed desire to make a spiritual and cultural impact in this community, the church called Mark Dallalio as pastor, who was said to be still “wet behind the ears.” Since then the church has continued on a steady pace of growth and has developed into a visionary, progressive and mission-minded congregation.
Understandably, this infusion of new life brought about the need to again expand the facilities. In the fall of 1992, a family center was constructed with additional classroom space, kitchen facilities, a missionary apartment and a gymnasium to help accommodate the expanding needs of student ministry and family life.

Prior to the construction of the new family building in 1992, careful thought was given to a Master Plan that would ultimately utilize the entire property as a functional and integrated mechanism for effective church ministry. The vision of that Master Plan was realized on December 5, 2004. The new building not only houses a new sanctuary with a beautiful stained glass focal point but a bridal room, conference room, nursery, administrative offices, and baptistery rooms. The entire church facilities now make up over 38,000 square feet.

The Northside Baptist Church mission statement is “to help ordinary people experience extraordinary living through the power and love of Jesus Christ.” We seek to carry out that mission by local evangelism, discipleship ministries, community awareness and global outreach.
At present the church has four full time staff members, a Hispanic Ministry Pastor, and two part time ministry leaders. God has also provided Northside Baptist Church with resources to support one hundred missionary projects both home and abroad. Also, for the first time in the Church’s history, this Body of Christ is supporting three missionaries directly out of the Church – Matt and Flor Patton (Dominican Republic), Kim Combs (Nigeria), and Jesse and Tena Luper (Vancouver B.C.).
As we follow the leadership of Jesus Christ, we not only acknowledge our heritage with thanksgiving; but we also seek to be an even greater influence in the City of Carrollton and to the world. To this we say, To God be the Glory!